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                                  Mission & Vission

Recently SPA Health Care has Ventured into exports of Pharmaceuticals, Nurtaceutical and Cosmetics as a merchant exporter. Within as short span Spa health care presence is felt in Canada, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, Kenya and Nigeria.

We Practice Research & Development in Product development for resolving complex chemistry challenges. We develop new drug delivery systems, dosage formulations and applies new technology for better processes even for Ayuvedic Proprietary Medicines Etc.,

Everyday we are updating our products and doing research to bring good health products. Today pharmaceutical companies in india are doing research for bringing good and healthy products and one of them are SPA HEALTH CARE PVT. LTD.,

Vision: Our Vision is quite simple- we work each and every day to help people live better lives. We achieve our vision by helping people everywhere discover their potential and achieve their goals by offering better products and opportunites for the future, and by sharing generously with the global comunity.
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